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Our Services

Looking to add some Christmas spirit to your home this year? We offer exterior and interior Christmas lighting and decor. 20% off of labor for Veterans, Fire, Police and First Responders!


Christmas Lighting

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Interested in Christmas lights this year? We do full service from simple roofline to every arch, window, garage, driveway and sidewalk outlined! We also do wreath hanging and tree wrapping. Full quote will include all materials and labor to include installation, maintenance (bulb changes, clip replacements, etc.), takedown and offseason storage. Want to install early and do Halloween colors before switching to Thanksgiving or Christmas colors? We got you covered. Submit details and we will schedule a date to come out and give you a quote!

Interior Christmas Decor

Need some holiday cheer inside?

We've got you covered! We offer tree decorating, mantel and stairway garlands, table settings, and so much more! We will make your home ready for holiday hosting! We are happy to use decorations you already have or shop for you! Contact us today for pricing information.

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Have Your Own Lights?

Installation Only

Have your own LED C7/C9 lights already? We’re here to help! Whether you have moved and your lights don't fit your new home and you need them customized or you're looking to add to your existing material, we will handle all requests on a case by case basis. Submit a request and email photos of your existing lights and other materials and we will proceed accordingly. We do not offer installation of all lights as we only install professional grade materials and LED C7 or C9 bulbs. We DO NOT install incandescent bulbs!

Christmas Lighting Takedown Only

Somebody not finish the job?

Unfortunately, there may be an instance where somebody didn't finish the job after the Holidays and never removed the lights from your home! We believe in establishing and building relationships. This means servicing the customer to their complete satisfaction. If you are caught in this situation, please allow us to make it right for you! It's okay if you didn't use us for your Christmas light installation originally, we hope that you do next time! We will come remove the lights and if you'd like to switch to us, we will store them for the offseason!

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